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"Put That Book Down and Go Out and Play"

A lifetime of teaching women's history.

A: Yes--and still writing in it with a fountain pen.
Q: How many journals has Bon filled by now?
A: One hundred and ninety-seven; they jam the bookshelf my father built for me when I was three. Ordered to evacuate during the CZU wildfire on August 20, 2021, I grabbed as many journals as could be stuffed into my aging, valiant Honda. They are now in a safe. fireproof storage unit. Still on my table, catching sunlight and moonlight, is a bowl of fountain pens. Choose your weapon: Sheaffer, Lamy, Watermark.

At the Temple of Diana in Kusadasi as guest lecturer for Olivia Cruises in 2007.

My research interests and available guest speeches include women's sports, the women's music movement since the mid-1970s, Jewish women's history, and other female-identified communities across time.