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A book about bullying.

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What Will She Write Next?

Soundwaves of Feminism: the Women's Music Movement
International Women's Day lecture at the Library of Congress, March 8, 2017


Women's History for Beginners cover...Now available from For Beginners Press. Artist: Phill Evans.

Sappho's Bar and Grill

"Holy Hildegarde of Bingen! Bonnie Morris brings history to vivid, hilarious life in this whip-smart time travel tour de force." -- Alison Bechdel

Revenge of the Women's Studies Professor
"A wise and witty read--eloquent, passionate, lucidly organized...Crucially important not only in the academy but for general audiences as well." --Sandra Gilbert, co-author of The Madwoman in the Attic

Girl Reel
"Morris's delicious narrative couples the silver screen and the lavender life." --Karla Jay

"Bonnie Morris is a remarkable woman. Good for her for telling her story."--Betty DeGeneres

"Morris has a lot of thought-provoking material in her evocative journey. It's our good fortune that she is raucous and funny and tears into her material with passion and intelligence." --San Francisco Chronicle Book Review

Eden Built By Eves
"Finally, a bit of culture saved for posterity! This book is a public service." --Kate Clinton

"It's hard to imagine anyone capturing with mere words the rich, strange, and transformative experience that is a women's music festival--but Bonnie Morris pulls it off. this is a great book." --Alison Bechdel

Speeches/webcast video available online
One-woman play available for your campus or conference. A global success since 1993, this hour-long show has roused feminist audiences from Iceland to New Zealand.
Women's History
Women's History For Beginners(2012), Revenge of the Women's Studies Professor(2009), Girl Reel (2000), Eden Built By Eves (1999), Lubavitcher Women in America (1998), The High School Scene in the Fifties (1997)

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